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Who I am

I'm Gian Maria Gabbiani. Motorsport is my passion and my life. That's what drives me to accept sacrifice and undergo relentless preparation. When the green flag drops I'm alive and free, I'm living my dream. Racing is what I love because it's:

  • Exciting
  • Challenging
  • Fair
  • Rewarding
  • Risky
  • Dangerous
  • Extreme
  • Unique

While I enjoy speed in first passion, I also love to share my passion with racing fans. That's why I started my TV experience. In addition to the roles as commentator and analyst covering some of the most exciting championships at international level, I also started producing new TV shows. And, needless to say, my favourite topic is... safety!

From world's most renowned race venues to the stormy ocean waves, my career has brought me many satisfactions and an incredible variety of experiences. After starting from go-kart racing, I moved to open-wheel competition and then to touring cars and stock-cars. I also entered the Class One World Powerboat Championship and scored two Endurance Powerboat world championships.

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P: +377 (ITS) PRI-VATE


NG-Area S.n.p.
Chateau Perigord L
6, Lacets St. Leon
98000 - Monaco (Principauté de Monaco)

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